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When the stars come out at night
I think of you
When the stars come out at night
I think of all the memories we made
When the stars come out at night
I think of how you are like a star
Shining oh so high above
But I can never have you
Too far away
Where love is lost
And left to die
When the stars come out at night
I think
What’s the use of loving
When you can’t have what you love?
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Once Upon A Memory
I miss you/ I miss your smile/ And I still shed a tear/ Every once in a while
The music plays on. A little while more and the next song will start.
But this memory will never end.
I still remember you vividly. The times we spent together are forever etched in my mind.
I will never be able to forget you. Sometimes I wonder, late at night, do you still remember me too?
It is a question I am almost scared to contemplate. Not all answers are forgiving to a heart.
Be careful with this heart; it is fragile, it breaks.
I still remember sitting next to you. Those few months I treasured and never wanted to let go. I remember each conversation, stroke it tenderly and put it away in my memory.
Sometimes it hurts to remember.
I presume you have forgotten me already; it has been even longer months, pulled out, stretched and magnified, since you last talked to me. Letters, calls have since stopped.
The silence hurts like nails through a sore heart.
I hear your words, see them in my mi
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Where Rainbows End
Just pray. Everything’s going to be alright.
I look at the children, flying down the slides, laughing derisively in their joy. At the end of the slide they pout before they are carried back to the top and the bells of their pleased shrieks ring again.
I look at the rainbow I had climbed and fallen from. All my life I climbed laboriously up those seven colours; I worked my way up to the top.
For a short-lived time the rain stopped and the rainbow shone through: I was at the top of the world, looking down at the world and laughing. It could never end.
But it did, and soon I was falling quickly, surely, dangerously; not believing what was happening, not daring to- the shrieks came from fright and not pleasure.
The ride up had been tough. Occasionally there had been clouds that had to be darted, mists that misled, and little helping stones to pull me up.
Bleeding in my memory, a stark contrast to my earlier joy, was the ride down, the roller coaster where there were no safety belts an
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Hoping For Blue Skies
It seems just yesterday that the sky was a perfect shade of blue, with those darling white clouds dotting the sky here and there. The world was happy and so was I, leading what I thought was a perfect life.
And now the overcast clouds are here, ominously announcing their presence with roars of thunder and cackles of lightning, mocking me and my happy ending which was never to be. The crystal balls of years past roll past, broken and lying in shards; so is the future which I always thought to be mine.
The blue skies are a mere memory of yesterday; footsteps etched, footsteps erased but not forgotten just yet. On the contrary, the dark anger of the storms only seeks to highlight the stark contrast between the past and the present, and to remind me of the unseen, unclear future. Their laughter rings in my head, mixing with the laughter of the past, of happier times.
It confuses and blinds me, causing my beliefs to go awry and doubtful and my hopes unfounded. Who am I and what stand do I h
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